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DBZ BUNDLE - (Pre-Order)

DBZ BUNDLE - (Pre-Order)

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DBZ BUNDLE - DBZ Proxy Cards are a must-have for any true Dragon Ball Z fan and collector. These high-quality proxy cards are perfect for adding to your collection, using in friendly games, or even using as substitutes for more expensive cards. Each card features stunning artwork and a detailed description of its abilities, making them not only beautiful but functional as well. Best of all, each card is foil!

Cards Included:
1x Goku
1x Vegeta
1x Frieza
1x Majin Buu
1x Shenron
1x Oozaru

PRE-ORDER: May 13th- May 31st

Ship Dates: June 13th-June 20th

***Once all pre-order spots are filled, the product will be marked as "Sold Out" so make sure to pre-order today. Our Bundle Pre-orders typically sell out a few days before the deadline!**


Standard Card Size (63x88mm)

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